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PhilSys in Effect Soon

Memorandum Circular No. 95 signed last February 7 orders state agencies and local governments to prepare for the implementation of the new Philippine Identification System (PhilSys). The new system was crafted to aid the public in making transactions easier and more accessible. As such, concerned organizations must ensure that the new system fully integrates into government processes, databases, systems, and services.

It was also mentioned that there is a need to provide interconnectivity such that any government transactions may be processed conveniently and in a cost-efficient manner. All organizations involved including all government agencies, instrumentalities, departments, bureaus, offices, local governments, government-owned and controlled corporations, state-run financial institutions, state universities and colleges, and other chartered institutions were tasked to incorporate the PhilSys numbers and Philippine identification (PhilID) of registered persons, as well as any other pertinent components and features of the new system.

With this new system, it is expected that all concerned agencies “prioritize PhilSys integration to enable the use of PhilSys-enabled services… within two years from the launch…” per the Circular. Such includes, in part, the identification of processes and services compatible with PhilSys for enabling online & paperless transactions, purging of duplicates and ghost records, verification of appropriate types of biometric authentication devices necessary, as well as submitting the two-year PhilSys integration plan within 60 days from the Circular’s effectivity.

What is the PhilSys?

The Philippine Identification System Act was enacted in order to provide all citizens and resident aliens of the country with a national ID to serve as valid proof of identity. It aims to simplify public and private transactions so that all Filipinos may be provided better access to social and financial services. It also serves as a means for the Philippine Statistics Authority to streamline and consolidate all government-related identification systems into one.

How does this affect you?

Possessing the new PhilID means that you wouldn’t need say, both a passport and a driver’s license to open a bank account – among other things. Because the new PhilID is meant to serve as the proof of ID for anybody who cannot acquire any other ID, it would serve as the singular most important piece of documentation and identification you have.

How do you apply?

In recent months, the PSA has been holding registrations in commonplaces like malls to reach more and more Filipinos. For a rundown of the entire registration process, you can check out their website here: How To Apply for Philippine National ID — Philippine National ID | PhilSys ID : Philippine National ID | PhilSys ID.

It might also help for you to ask your local barangay if there’s a registration site near you. Depending on where you go, people have reported that registration could take as short as 30 minutes!



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